Picking Peas by Moonlight

August has been a busy month, clearly not due to extensive blogging, but gardening in general has been chugging along.Highly unusual for August but this has been quite the summer. I’ve been doing quite well keeping up with the plot, squeezing in time where and when I can. It’s work that’s eating up my time, my regular clients included but also a week was spent in Oxford installing thousands of plants in a new build project.

My usual routine in the week is to stop by the plot after work, do a bit of weeding and a lot of watering. Occasionally, harvesting as well. I always stop by there with the intent of being there for only an hour or so, but I often end up coming home as the sun is setting and find Scott has had dinner already. That’s always the way, isn’t it? I’ve actually resorted to setting a timer on my phone to keep track of time… I also use the limitation that I’m only allowed to weed three buckets worth/two beds/one wheelbarrow load of weeds maximum. I always cheat.

Early morning watering

Early morning watering

During the hottest weather, I went to the plot quite late in the evening. I found that watering at 6pm wasn’t doing much, as the beds would be nearly dry by the time I put the hose away. I figured the site would be very quiet, but it was surprisingly busy! I ended up coming home past 10pm at one point. Scott asked, “what took you so long?”

“Well, I watered everything, had a long chat with several people, then I started picking peas by the moonlight. It was great.”

Yummy peas.

Yummy peas.

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