Spring, it’s all about the anticipation. As much as I love the warmth and abundance of the summer months, it’s the spring season I love best. I feel like a kid at Christmas, I keep peeking at the soil to see what’s coming up and checking bare branches for the first buds.


First Spring Bulbs.

The spring bulbs are making an appearance finally, the daffodils are about to flower and the tulips are coming along. I tend to use them primarily as cut flowers for the house, but the odd one that flowers before I can cut it will always bring a welcome splash of colour to the plot. For the first time, I have actually given one bed over to a set of “trial tulips.” The gardening company I work for orders thousands of tulip bulbs in the autumn and yours truly was in charge of all our bulb sales. Our suppliers very kindly gifted me several sets of new tulip varieties, which I’m indulgently trying out at our plot. My boss got quite excited at the idea of trialling bulbs and plants in my allotment, but I had to remind him I do want to grow some veg!


Red and blue potatoes going in. 

Last weekend I planted our shallots and this weekend we planted up our chitted potatoes. We’re growing Charlotte again this year, as it made the most divine French potato salad last summer. As part of my Heritage/ Unusual Variety Helps Disease/ Pest Resistance Experiment, we’re planting Highland Burgundy Reds and Salad Blue potatoes. I was worried the weather is still much too cold, but the soil is perfectly moist and they’d been slowly drying out in our spare room. Also, in deference to the baby potatoes, the heat has been kept off in the spare room, but Scott was getting tired of having to wrap up in a duvet every time he wanted to work on the computer.


Kale harvest!

In order to make some space for the potatoes, we did have to clear out the kale plants. We met up with our co-plot mate Simon and we set about dividing the kale. We’ve got a nearly exploding carrier bag sitting on the kitchen table now. I will attempt some kale chips/crisps with some, but otherwise will blanch and freeze the rest.I asked for some good kale recipes via Twitter and got some great suggestions, but I’m always open to more. We’ve got lots to go through!

Despite the cold, I can’t wait to get back out there. I’ve got a few long weekends coming up thanks to some leftover vacation still owed to me. The plot is nearly ready to go and I can’t wait to get it up and running again. The anticipation is killing me…

5 responses to “Anticipation

  1. I agree, this time of year is so exciting. We are currently chitting main crop potatoes for the allotment, sowing the first seeds of the year for the greenhouse and planting up rhubarb crowns for our new veg patch in the garden (currently in design stage).

    Kale crisps look delicious, something I keep meaning to try. Best of luck to you for the new growing year!

  2. It is good to see you have got started on your plot. That is impressive kale – my chickens would be impressed!

  3. I would so love to be planting my potatoes, it’s way too cold and snowy here in the north east! ;( I have finished all my digging, potatoes are chitting and the seedlings on the conservatory window sills are annoying my other half, he’s a neat freak! lol.

  4. I think we’re all agreed – this is an exciting time of the year. Unfortunately, it’s still distinctly chilly up here in Scotland, with no sign of daffs appearing or potatoes chitting. Still, the anticipation is fantastic! Cannae wait to get going!

  5. I found a feather free thief happily munching away on my raspberries last year. She stopped chomping on my arrival and gave me a big pink sheepish raspberry grin; grandmothers seem to know they can get away with anything!

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