One Last Taste of Summer

The other week the weather made a sudden turn and I found myself wrapping up in about fourteen layers of clothes. As I scraped a thick layer of frost off my gardening van in the morning, I thought about what was left at the plot. Mostly winter crops, but there was one last batch of carrots to be harvested.

That weekend, Scott and I launched Operation Carrot Rescue. I had covered them with a fleece tunnel to protect them from the worst of the frosts, but when we got there the tunnel was no where to be found. We had a rather windy night earlier in the week, I imagine the Wind Gods had demanded it as a sacrifice. We wandered around the site a bit, but no luck.

Despite the frost, the carrots were looking relatively decent. A few nibbles from the slugs but the most damage had been done by carrot fly larvae. Interestingly, the orange carrots were far more infested than the purple ones. Score one for the non-hybrids.

Last of the carrots

Last of the carrots

We hauled them home and gave them a good scrub. With some careful dissection, we were able to salvage most of the carrots. Five pounds worth in all, now safely stored in the freezer. This winter will be a season of stews, pies, casseroles and pasta sauces. The carrots, along with the masses of French beans we’ve got, will remind us of the warmth and abundance of this summer.

Scrubbed, packed, ready for freezing.

Scrubbed, packed, ready for freezing.

5 responses to “One Last Taste of Summer

  1. What a great crop. Those purple ones look so good. Ours purples failed to germinate this year but will try again after seeing yours.

    • In a strange way, I think all that rain in the summer did them good. We mounded up the beds, which prevented them from getting waterlogged and weeded them diligently.
      The purple carrots are very tasty and a big hit with people. I gave quite a few away to various friends and neighbours. Don’t think I’ll bother with orange ones next year!

  2. Wonderful harvest! Photographed alongside the vivid orange carrots really helped to show off their beauty. I do love growing purple carrots although I’m yet to try them at my allotment. Happy Christmas!

  3. Stunning collection of carrots! I’ll bet they taste as good as they look. I had to rescue my carrots earlier in the year as the slugs were having a ball. I think I might take your advice and try experimenting with purple ones (they make a nice conversation piece too!)

    • Definitely give them a go! People love the look of them and, for some odd reason, always ask, “what do they taste like?”
      It’s great fun to see them discover they taste like, well, carrots.

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