Kreativ Blogger Award

With a bit of a blush, I have to thank Green Bench Ramblings for nominating me for a Kreativ Blogger Award. Be sure to check out his blog for some truly gorgeous photos. The idea of the award is a “pass it on” approach. If you’re nominated, you are asked to share seven things about yourself and to share your top seven blogs. So here goes…

About me;

1) I’m originally from Canada and I have been living in the UK for nearly three years now.

2) My friends from back home claim I have developed a British accent, this has been clearly disproved by friends in the UK laughing at the way I say words like “house” and “yoghurt.”

3) I have an indoor fig tree named Ben, a Kentia palm named Ken and a massive Peace lily named Fred.

4) I have a fear of falling, hence diving boards and skydiving don’t tend to feature much in my life.

5) I studied Agriculture Sciences at university with the intent of becoming a vet. Instead of a life of veterinary medicine, it resulted in sustainable food production being a personal passion of mine.

6) I recently dyed my hair purple.

7) I like to share random things about myself in a random way.


My nominations for Great Blogs, in no absolute order, are;

1) for great video blog tours of his allotment in Scotland.

2) 100 Square Metres, who produces so much on a little bit of land in Ireland.

3) The Green Tomato, another foreigner growing food in a foreign country, except she’s in Sweden.

4) The SW Food Blog, for all your SW London food reviews.

5) James Wong’s Homegrown Revolution Blog, for those that are more adventurous in homegrown foods.

6) Slow Food UK, for all your anti-fast food needs.

7) Finally, wholly unrelated to food, but possibly the best blog I have ever followed. For the most amazing insight to humanity, it has to be Postsecret.

2 responses to “Kreativ Blogger Award

  1. Thanks for nominating me, Anna. I’m quite touched, to be honest

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