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Well, Happy Allotment Anniversary to us!

If truth be told, this is a bit late as we actually broke ground one year and one month ago. However, I tend to think that we didn’t really get cracking until late November. It’s been an amazing transformation over the last year, I often found myself stepping back and admiring the view. Hard to believe what we started with a rather humble patch of land.

Weed clearing

Freshly cleared plot

I won’t lie, it was a lot of work. That’s also knowing that the plot had been decently worked over the previous few years, so it could have been much harder. I know most people would be daunted by this, but I know from my gardening job, you have to start somewhere. For me, I just try and tackle it in single chunks. This make the over all job far less daunting. The most important thing is to start somewhere. As the (slightly mistranslated) quote by Lao-tzu says;

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

By no means is this journey done, there’s so much more that we want to achieve. There’s even talk of a second shed and cold frame to go in. First, the rest of the winter tidy up needs doing, especially cleaning up the first shed. Still, it’s a nice feeling that the plot is more or less ready to go for next spring already.

In it’s summer glory

Looking good

I really do hope a few people see this post and feel inspired to tackle clearing out their own allotment. You will curse it, hate it, even think of giving up at times. Do persist, tackle one bit at a time. Con friends to help you, bribe them with wine if you have to. Just do it, the rewards will be all worth it. Then you can sit back and enjoy.

I have.


Kreativ Blogger Award

With a bit of a blush, I have to thank Green Bench Ramblings for nominating me for a Kreativ Blogger Award. Be sure to check out his blog for some truly gorgeous photos. The idea of the award is a “pass it on” approach. If you’re nominated, you are asked to share seven things about yourself and to share your top seven blogs. So here goes…

About me;

1) I’m originally from Canada and I have been living in the UK for nearly three years now.

2) My friends from back home claim I have developed a British accent, this has been clearly disproved by friends in the UK laughing at the way I say words like “house” and “yoghurt.”

3) I have an indoor fig tree named Ben, a Kentia palm named Ken and a massive Peace lily named Fred.

4) I have a fear of falling, hence diving boards and skydiving don’t tend to feature much in my life.

5) I studied Agriculture Sciences at university with the intent of becoming a vet. Instead of a life of veterinary medicine, it resulted in sustainable food production being a personal passion of mine.

6) I recently dyed my hair purple.

7) I like to share random things about myself in a random way.


My nominations for Great Blogs, in no absolute order, are;

1) for great video blog tours of his allotment in Scotland.

2) 100 Square Metres, who produces so much on a little bit of land in Ireland.

3) The Green Tomato, another foreigner growing food in a foreign country, except she’s in Sweden.

4) The SW Food Blog, for all your SW London food reviews.

5) James Wong’s Homegrown Revolution Blog, for those that are more adventurous in homegrown foods.

6) Slow Food UK, for all your anti-fast food needs.

7) Finally, wholly unrelated to food, but possibly the best blog I have ever followed. For the most amazing insight to humanity, it has to be Postsecret.

Mangled and Mutant

In the course of harvesting over the last few months, we’ve had plenty of comedic carrots, curious courgettes and one very peculiar pumpkin. I like to think of our not-so-perfect  veg as being rather like X-Men. They’re simply mutant individuals with super powers.

Double courgette

Odd cucumbers

We certainly had a good laugh at our odd-shaped cucumbers. The mangled carrots, such as the one that placed second in the Ugly Veg class, were great, even if they were a bit of a faff to wash/peel/chop. I was hoping the tomato crop would have provided us with at least a couple Little Bottom fruits. I’ll have to settle for the multitude of Willy Carrots we got instead. The super powers clearly not just tasting great, but making us laugh until we were could hardly breath. Dangerous indeed…

I’ll leave you with a story in pictures of our Mutant Pumpkin.

Funny pumpkin

Bigger than your average supermarket pumpkin.


Silly face for a funny pumpkin.

Bit weird, as is the pumpkin.

From mutant to mangled and straight into the freezer.