Ladybird Lovin’

Just a quick post today, been very busy recently and this weekend is no exception. It was the Chelsea Flower Show yesterday and company BBQ today (food all being done by yours truly). Then Scott is doing the London to Brighton Night Ride for the British Heart Foundation. Along with my gardening van, I’m part of the team’s support crew, which basically means driving down to Brighton in the very early morning to collect bikes and sleepy riders.

The weather has been El Scorchio this last week, so I’ve been popping by the plot most days just to try and keep up with the watering. Tomatoes are ready to go out, but I think they’re going to have to wait a few more days…

The future looks aphid free for them though, as I have been seeing an incredible number of ladybird beetles on the plot (aka Ladybugs if you’re North American like me). As I’ve been weeding, I’ve been carefully moving them out of the way. Unlike me, the hot weather isn’t slowing them down at all and they’ve been very frisky. When I see lots of ladybird nymphs soon, I’ll be a very proud auntie.

(Another fantastic video by Scott)

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