The Finest Shed You Ever Did See

One benefit of working for a gardening company is that I have a steady supply of knackered tools. Bent forks, mangled spades and semi-toothless rakes are always available. Instead of throwing them out, I collect them knowing they can be put to good use on the allotment. Even that broom that’s shed all its bristles, I’ll save it for when we build our fire pit. I have a bit of a premonition this hoarding tendency may be my undoing…

Of course we needed to put up a shed to store all these “treasures.” I ordered a 3’x 6′ shed from Sheds World, which arrived in Ikea-like flat pack form, with a shockingly large bag of hardware. Scott, Simon and myself gathered together on a foggy Saturday morning in November to commence the Great Shed Build. There was some initial trouble, as we kept breaking drill bits trying to make pilot holes for the screws. Eventually brute force won out and we stopped bothering with pilot holes altogether. I know it’s a carpentry no-no if you want to avoid splitting the wood, but we were snapping bits at an alarming rate. We eventually managed to put it together without killing each other or smashing the shed into kindling.

The next morning, Scott and I started painting it. We splurged on the paint, going for The Cuprinol Garden Shades range. We could have gone for the ultra cheap house brand shed paint, but we wanted more colour choice than light brown, dark brown and green. In typical style, I went for the brightest colour they had, bright blue (Barleywood)…with a little pot of Country Cream for the trim.

I have to say, the final result is rather natty, it certainly makes the plot easy to find. In a sea of brown and green sheds, the bright blue clearly stands out. We got several nice compliments from neighbouring plot holders, although I did sense a bit of bemusement behind some of them. Maybe that was just me. I showed a photo of the shed to a co-worker and she declared it made the plot look “like it’s on Santorini or something.”

Maybe in the summer I’ll paint a design on it or something, or would that be too much?


Video made by my wonderfully talented partner, Scott.

7 responses to “The Finest Shed You Ever Did See

  1. An allotment in Santorini?…Yes please!

  2. Love the shed making video. Super colours! Good luck with your plot this year. Naomi

  3. Love your blog. Wish I was organised – I’m organised in my head only. We have to do regular shed cleans just to stop it looking like a wooden rubbish bin.
    Love your descriptions of the plants too, I see in colour mostly, and you see in shapes for sure!
    Also having shed envy – why didn’t I paint mine?
    will be dropping by to see how you get on – is yours a public or garden space?

    • I love strong saturated colours, especially with flowers like tulips and sweet peas. The shape and structure of plants is just as lovely, but my real obsession is with textures. Smooth, soft, spikey…I’m often caught out petting plants!
      Our plot is at the Cottenham Park Allotments in SW London. We’re very lucky it’s not far from where we live.

  4. Fabulous video! Like you say: a lovely shed.

  5. LOVE the shed colours! I have permission from our site to paint mine a lovely shade of duck egg blue, or green, depending how you look at it. I haven’t got around to it yet. But one day…..

  6. I have shed envy 🙂 our plots very small so can’t fit one in.

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