Mental, that’s what we are. Mental. Allotmental specifically. We’re just starting out and this is to be a record of our start in the world of allotments.

My partner Scott and I have been talking about wanting an allotment for over a year now, but daunted by the time commitment it would take and the waiting lists that span decades,  we doubted we’d ever get the chance. Our saviour came in the form of our friend Simon. Struggling to keep up with his double-sized plot and having received a letter from the council informing him to “use it or lose it,” he asked us if we would be interested in partnering up with him and sharing about 240 square meters of allotment. Naturally we said yes.

I am a professional gardener, but would never consider myself an expert when it comes to growing my own food. Pots of herbs and the occasional tomato plant on the patio is all the food production I can really lay claim to. I imagine real experts (tweed-capped, welly-booted, terrier-companioned types) would scoff loudly at my intentions. However, clinging to my university education in agricultural sciences, I now launch myself into this experiential education with great gusto. Propelled by the desire to produce some of my own food, whether through primeval instinct or middle-class upbringing, who knows, I am determined to do this.

So here it will be recorded; the good, bad and occasionally squishy. Enjoy.


2 responses to “Introductions

  1. Glad to see you’ve gone and done it. The calendar is a good idea since what you are doing is a seasonal thing. I look forward to hearing about your successes and failures. I expect you to do some experimenting with your little patch of land. Good luck.


  2. I would like to use this blog by apologising to the many hundreds of Woodlice I evicted last Sunday.

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